Evening 4 - Sunset at Wide Hollow Reservoir

Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Blue

Awesome sunset reflected by the Wide Hollow Reservoir in Escalante Petrified Forest SP.

On Fire

The bottom of the cloud appeared on fire!

Colors All Around

Colors in the sky, colors in the earth, it's a wonderful day in Utah!

Good Night Sun

The final rays of the sun before it sets completely and makes way for the stars. Now to go get ready to hike in Bryce Canyon tomorrow! We live at 1200 ft elevation, and while we've been camping at 5800 ft, our hike tomorrow starts out at 8000 ft, so we want to start early to so we can take our time to acclimate to altitude, the crowds and to get out of the valley before the heat of the day. This is my husband's first hike down into the canyon floor, I'm hoping he loves it as much as I did.