Day 4 - Jurassic Displays of Colors

Light and Shadow

The sun and clouds aligned in perfect harmony with the different members of the Entrada formation of the Jurassic period. 

Layers in the Rock

This layer of the formation displays very narrow and distinct bands of sediment. Buck is there for reference, the cliff is about 460 yards behind the truck

Plants are the Glue

Here is a great example of how plants, in this case, trees, hold the soil in place. Where there's no tree the soil has moved downhill. Where there is a tree there are mounds of soil around it.

Down in the Wash

Across the road from the red cliffs is this wash, down in the wash the cows are roaming, did I mentioned there are more cows than people it seems. Where the rainwater has cut through the mesa you can see layers in the white and pink rock.

That Moment When

You realize you have walked out to the edge of a mound that is comprised of very thin layers of shale and probably not the best place to be moving with the lens stuck to your eye :-)

White Wash

The hills all around the wash (Paria River) are red but the wash is full of white silt. Our guess is calcite from the eroded sandstone, or there's a very white eroding hill upstream! Either way, I appreciated the juxtaposition of the white with the red cliffs.

Dry, So Dry

The southwest is dry, not sure if this river is mostly perennial or what, but this area is obviously very dry at the moment. I liked the tumbleweed stuck in the cracked mud, I felt it was a redundant yet powerful statement!

Could Live Here

Looking around the county, you can certainly appreciate why the original residents chose these areas to set up home. Not only is water available, but the natural beauty is unparalleled in my opinion. If you notice, this abandoned building is the same building from the Night 2 photos.              

Red and White

The colors of the buttes all around Garfield county do not disappoint, here's another grand example of red and white cliffs/hills standing next to each other.

Henrieville Town

Est 1878

Powell Point Overlook

The sun and clouds created some great effects over the area known as Powell Point, even though there's no known history of Powell being here, per se.