Evening 5 - Escalante City... Again

Brick Federal Farm House


Victor E. Bean

After completing the hike and grabbing some food and a shower, we headed back into town to snap the post for the Peoples Exchange building, missed the first time out. And found that there was another building and post attached to the Peoples Exchange. 



Ed Lay

After stopping at the first building, I spotted two more across the street from each other on Main St and convinced my husband to stop for a couple minutes. The first is for sale by owner, if you're looking for property in Escalante. 


c. 1900

Isaac Riddle

This abandoned home is the only property/post that had the same name, Isaac Riddle. Based on our assumption that the name relates to the original owner/builder, Mr. Riddle was doing very well for himself.

Where Are the Rest?

So after two days of checking out Escalante, we found posted numbered all the way up to 82, but we only found about 15-20 examples total (not all photographed). Still curious as to the story behind the posts, I'm sure we could have asked in one of the local shops, but truthfully, I prefer the mystery, haha. Time to go back and get ready for our last day on vacation and our last hike!