Newfoundland 2019 Road Trip

Newfoundland by Car

For this year's road trip, we flew to Newfoundland. The trip started out as a desire to see the icebergs that float down Iceberg Alley and Atlantic Puffins, but after researching the island, we realized there was so much more to see. In 10 days we drove 70% of the island, hiked two national parks and a world rated hike. Explored amazing nature and encountered more wildlife than ever before on a single trip. We walked on 1.2 billion year old rocks and explored historical places dating back as far as 1000 AD. And we saw thousands and seabirds. Check out each day to follow our adventures. Spoiler Alert: there's a lot of photos of icebergs and seabirds, in case you're not interested.

By the Numbers

In no particular order:

3873 kilometers driven
22 icebergs photographed
3 trails hiked
13.3 km on foot
2 shipwrecks visited
2 national parks explored
3 national historic sites searched
2 UNESCO sites visited 
10 lighthouses found

By the Numbers - Wildlife Spotted

In no particular order:

8 moose
colony of Atlantic Puffins
colony of Northern Gannets, Black-footed Kittiwakes, and Common Murre
7 red foxes
7 bald eagles
4 humpback whales
1 very scared harp seal

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Day 10